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2nd Try: Open Source BDM for S08

Question asked by Alban Rampon on Mar 2, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2006 by Joerg Schnyder
Hello Guys,
After a nice wee slap, here is the package again with fixes on what was flagged before.
On behalf of the team, sorry if it didn't meet your expectations... Just trying to help actually :smileysad:
Be certain that there was no intention whatsoever to "steal" or "appropriate" the work from anybody else. Just poor knowledge of OS and GPL rules unfortunately.
The file weights 6MB and is too big for a post. Therefore I sent it to an Admin and it will be located into the 8 bit Community Files area (leave 2 hours after this post time).
It is bigger as information was missing in the previous package.
Feel free to make any observations or to flag any problem again.
Also you are very welcome to bring any improvement to the project and redistribute it ! (In this case, please send a copy to this board).
Finally, we wish to thank posters who flagged the important problems. This is the only way we can improve.