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Confused with K60 ADC

Question asked by keith tang on May 27, 2012
Latest reply on May 28, 2012 by Iain Galloway

I am very new to Freescale 32-bit architecture. I am reading the document K60P144M150SF3RM Rev 2 Dec 2011, and get very confused with the ADC configuration in the K60 chips, hope someone can clarify it to me.


While I understand there are 4 ADCs, 4 Differential and 24 Single-Ended channels, I am confused with:


1. the term "interleaved" in the document. Does it mean "mutually exclusive" or "multiplexed"?


2. the relationship between the pins (ADCx_SEn, ADCx_DPMn), and the channels (ADCx_ADn). I don't find any detailed block diagram illustrating the interconnection of these. For instance, I am confused:


        (a) if ADC0_SE11 and ADC1_SE11 are connected internally?


        (b) why are there multiplexed channels such as ADC0_SE7A and ADC0_SE7B? The MQX library does not seem to multiplex it at runtime.


3. the built-in temperature sensor. Do I have to physically assign a pin to it? My guess is no, but I need verification.