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ADC MUX runtime support in TWRK60F120M

Question asked by keith tang on May 26, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2012 by David E Seymour

Can someone tell me if ADC MUX runtime is supported in TWRK60F120M? I checked through the BSP files, and found that the muxsel parameter within the ADC structure (defined in adc_kadc_prv.h) is only used once in the _adc_hw_channel_init() function of the adc_kadc.c file, to select either channel A or B during hardware initialisation.


I am expecting to see a runtime function to alternate between channel A and B, i.e. when the value of A channel is read, it switches to B channel for the next conversion, and vice versa. However I don't see any such function in the BSP.


Please tell me if this is the case, as I need to be sure that I can use ADC0_SE7A and ADC0_SE7B at the same time.