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MCF5445x, On-Chip USB Transceiver

Discussion created by Kyle Edwards on May 24, 2012
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Hello everyone,


I'm bringing up a custom board with two 54450 processors, both of which use the built-in FS/LS USB transceiver. I'm using a slightly modified Freescale Linux kernel with support for the FS/LS transceiver enabled, and the internal PLL used rather than the external USB clock. One of the processors is connected to a USB hub, and the other is wired directly to an external USB port.


So far, I haven't been able to get any signal out of either processor. I've tried putting the USB port in test mode, to no avail. This may be because the internal transceiver doesn't support HS, which according to section 7.1.20 of the USB 2.0 standard means it doesn't support test mode. The driver starts up fine, but it doesn't detect the onboard USB hub.


Could somebody please help me out here? From what I understand, the FS/LS transceiver is supposed to make USB simple to implement. Is there a known issue with the Freescale USB Linux drivers that could be causing this? Thanks in advance.