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Discussion created by Cab Jones on May 24, 2012
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CW 10.2 with upgrade.  MC9S08LG32, Win7x64


Are you allowed to have two projects in the same workspace--it appears that after I add the second project I get opaque error messages and Java NullPointerExceptions.  I do note that one system file MC9S08LG32.xml is modified and used for both projects.  Error messages like "Error Importing Task" or "Cannot import Target Framework.." And them some java.lang.NullPointerExceptions.  Often right out of the gate--having just reinstalled CW 10.2.  At one point (at least twice) I found that MC9S08LG32.xml has been truncated to 0 length.  That would explain a lot, except who did it (not me).


My best try to fix:  I reinstalled CW10.2. I created a new workspace200.  I created a barebones MC9S08LG32 project SM6.1.  I dropped the original Sources from the old problem workspace100 onto the C/C++ perspective of SM6.1.  I then built the project and downloaded to flash and tested -- a few times -- no problems.  Now I made a second barebones project ICCEX_MST in workspace200.  It is an example IIC project, only a few source files to carry over..  After I built and tried to flash I started to get NullPointerExceptions. I went back to the SM6.1 to see that it was infected as well.


I am attaching workspace200 with .metadata and logfiles showing NPE's.  As well as a copy HC9S08LG32.xml, but it looks OK so far, only a couple of differences from the install.  I had to remove the first project because I do not have permission to share.  But the NPE problems remain in the second ICCEX_MST..


Any help would be appreciated.