Transmit FLEXRAY Frame with the right payload length

Discussion created by Richard DE MIRANDA on May 23, 2012
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I'm using an MCU 16-bit MC9S12XF512MLM. I have two Freescale developement tool card with this one. I use the example give by freescale to communicate between my two nodes.


I have donne some work based on this example but I still have a problem. I can not understand the real purpose of the variable "Payload length" :


const Fr_transmit_buffer_config_type Fr_tx_buffer_slot_10_cfg ={   10,                           // Transmit frame ID   0x1E3,                        // Header CRC   16, // Payload length   FR_SINGLE_TRANSMIT_BUFFER,   // Transmit MB buffering   FR_STATE_TRANSMISSION_MODE,  // Transmission mode   FR_IMMEDIATE_COMMIT_MODE,    // Transmission commit mode   FR_CHANNEL_AB,               // Transmit channels   FALSE,                       // Payload preamble   FALSE,                       // Transmit cycle counter filter enable   0,                           // Transmit cycle counter filter value   0,                           // Transmit cycle counter filter mask   FALSE,                       // Transmit MB interrupt enable   FALSE                        // Used only for double buffer};


I think, this variable is referenced by the "G_PAYLOAD_LENGTH_STATIC" in the structure of the Flexray Configuration.


When I want to change the value of the Payload Length ine my frame, it doesn't work... I don't know why...


For example, If I want to have a frame which a Payload Length of 34, how I can do that?


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