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Kinetis K70 core watchdog ISR

Question asked by Matthew Taylor on May 22, 2012
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I am having trouble successfully running my ISR that is tied to the internal core watch dog interrupt. The device is resetting after the watch dog times out, but the break point in the ISR is never hit. I am developing with a Kinetis K70, MQX v3.8, and IAR IDE.


So far I have verified that the IRQRSTEN flag is set in the STCTRLH register. I have moved the interrupt vector table to RAM by modifying the .icf file and I moved the watch dog source code including the ISR to fast ROM. The application is using MQX version 3.8 and the _int_install_kernel_isr call to install the ISR. I have verified that _int_install_kernel_isr returns successfully and that the RAM vector table is updated with a pointer to the watch dog ISR function.


My suspicion is that I am not reaching the ISR within 256 bus clocks after the time out, but I am not sure how else to speed up the ISR request other than the steps listed above.


I would greatly appreciate any help with this issue.