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MC9RS08KA8 RAM and INT issue

Question asked by JakeP on May 22, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2012 by JakeP

I'm using an MC9RS08KA8 for a simple application that does some basic math, PWM, and ADC and I'm having 2 unusual problems that I'm having trouble with...


1) I need to do math wiith 32 bit variables (unsigned ints), however whenever I declare a variable of size 32 bits and I go to build the project the compiler says that it's out of RAM.  I know it's not out of RAM because I can declare 2+ word size variables instead of the single 32 bit variable and it will compile successfully.  I've used 32 bit variables with HCS08 processors before and it wasn't an issue.  Do RS08s not like 32 bit variables??


2)  I have also run into a problem when I compile the project the compiler says its out of RAM even when I know its not.  The processor I'm using has ~256 bytes, but the compiler seems to think it only has 126.  I went into the build options in the CPU bean and found that I had to manually enable the 5th area of ram that has an extra 96 bytes, but even after doing so the compiler says it runs out of RAM at the same address as before I enabled the additional area of RAM.  For some reason the additional area of RAM doesn't seem to recognized.  What's up here??


I'm using codewarrior 10 and have all the defaults set in the project options.


Any help is greatly appreciated!!