Problem using Device Initialisation fin Freescale CodeWarrior 5

Discussion created by mylim on Mar 1, 2006
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I've some question to ask about using the device initialisation from Freescale CodeWarrior 5.

1. I initialise the MCU using device initialisation. (It will generate a file called MCUinit.asm under Generated Code)

2. I'm using a SW2 of DEMO9S08QG8 as KBIP2.

3. When interupt it jump to isrVkeyboard at MCUinit.asm.

4. I dun intend to do the entire routine under isrVkeyboard.

5. I intend to set a flag at isrVkeyboard then RTI. (the flag is declared in main.asm)

As I compile it, it couldn't be recognised at MCUinit.asm (undeclared user defined symbol). May I know how do I share the flag I declared in main.asm in MCUinit.asm. Thanks.

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