httpd Documentation/Code Discrepancies

Discussion created by dspNeil on May 18, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2012 by Monica Arvizu

Using MQX 3.8 with RTCS, I'm having timeout issues with my hosted http server.


Digging through the code, I've found that in several cases, the #defines in httpd_cnfg.h are not actually used, and values are hard-coded into httpd.c, that are an order of magnitude shorter than the "defaults" called out in the RTCS User Guide.


From httpd_cnfg.h, the following are unused:




From httpd.c, the following do not match the documentation "default":

OPT_SEND_TIMEOUT - Doc "Default": 4 Mins (240,000 ms), Hardcoded Value: 500 ms

OPT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT - Doc "Default": 480,000 ms, Hardcoded Value: 5000 ms


I know that I can override these in my implementation, however what should they be? The values are so different that I question if either is right, or if an engineer just randomly picked numbers. It's really unfortunate that issues like this exist. I would have never looked into this had I not of received a direct customer complaint about our server not working over very latent connections.