Dave Barnard

Serial boot suggestions

Discussion created by Dave Barnard on May 18, 2012


I'm booting an M54455 to boot using serial boot mode.  At present the only method I have to program the flash initially is 'Impact' (Xilinx programmer) which accepts .mcs (Intel hex) files.  To get the board to boot, I've manually crafted a .mcs file containing the 19 bytes of configuration data that the processor reads when it is powered on.  I then use a Greenhills BDM debugger to load & run my main application.


The next step is to find a way to combine the config data with some boot code (custom, unless there is a standard I'm missing?) and get the whole lot into flash.


What I've been unable to determine is the standard/suggested way of going about what I'm doing.  Ideally, the configuration data and boot code will be part of the same file, which I can load into flash in one go - without needing to post-process any files and join configuration to application data (of course, the configuration data also contains the size of the boot code to load, but I'm not against loading more than is executed).


How do others deal with this issue, and what is the correct/suggested approach?