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Discussion created by zhangyimb zhangyimb on May 16, 2012
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Hello kef !

I am using XET256 ,I have some promblem about IPLL.

when  fOSC=16MHz, I have two plans for count fVCO ,first SYNDIV=4;REFDIV=1 then fVCO=80M; second YNDIV=24 ;REFDIV=7 ,then fVCO=100M,if the first one is better then the second one because there are explains in document "Use lowest possible fVCO/fREF ratio (SYNDIV value). Use highest possible REFCLK frequency fREF". The the second plan unsafe?

I also want to know how to use FM0 and FM1,and why to use them? 


Thank you for your continued support.