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V3.1 Programming Algorithms SP trouble

Question asked by Bill Elliot on Feb 28, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2006 by Bill Elliot
I just installed the subject update that was announced in a recnet Freescale update e-mail.
Under the PEDebug menu of the True-Time debugger I am unable to select a device.  Or, more correctly, I can navigate through "Device: Unselected", to "68HC08", to "MR Family", to "HC08MR32", but as soon as I go back to the PEDebug menu, it shows "Device: Unselected".
This menu used to have an item to select the simulator or in-circuit debug but now is limited to:  Load..., Reset, Command Files, Device: Unselected and P&E Micro Hardware Documentation.
Any ideas what has happened?