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AsynchroSerial Error

Question asked by ROCK ALLARD on Feb 28, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2006 by ROCK ALLARD

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Here's whats happening: when using the HC908GP32 chip with "processor expert" or what I think is called the "inspector" I get an error when turning on any inturrupts on the SCI (see attached picturs). Now I have noticed that this file and its folder (Drivers\HC08\AsynchoSerial.tst) do not exist. I hope this is enouph info for you get started on solving my problem. I do have other questions not related exactly to this and would like to be able to talk with someone for a moment!


P.S. Could you also take a look at the KBI routine to help me figure out why my buttons on porta are hit or miss when pressed. I always get into the int_routine but it seems the pins are not being held low long enough to be recognized (the pulse is ~30-100ms). Are there any better/faster ways to latch onto porta when the interrupt is called?



This dialog boxes must be new, since I have tried many things to resolve my problem. Here are my steps:

1. Double click IConC.mcp clicking No on the first and only message
1.1 Repeat, clicking yes on the first and only message caused the message to stop appearing on subsequent openings of IConC.mcp

2. In my window (pic1.jpg) I click once on SCI
3. I click the interrupt toggle button (pic2.jpg)
4. I get errors

5. If I open the processor expert (pic3.jpg)
6. I get this dialog every time, since I don't care to any documentation I always click NO (pic4.jpg)
7. It then asks to save I say yes (pic5.jpg), and replace. NOTE: I really don't know what the difference would be!
8. A convert appears I click YES (pic6.jpg). NOTE: I really don't know what the difference would be!

9. Once in I double click AsynchroSerial bean to add it to the project I get this (pic7.jpg)
10. After fixing the baud rate the current errors go away, expected.

11. After enabling interrupts (pic8.jpg) error 1 occurs.
12. Errors on "Events" tab (
13. Changing the priorities results in the error of concern (pic10.jpg)

14. Now as you can see it says to contact your support department.

And like I said before in the last email, the AsynchroSerial .tst file and the folders it is in DO NOT EXIST on my machine (pic11.jpg). This has always been my first point of concern, if it's not there then it would make sense to give me this error. It is entirely possible that something was installed improperly while trying to transfer our license over the our newly purchased dongle. But how to resolve this I have no clue.

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