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Discussion created by zhangyimb zhangyimb on May 13, 2012
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Hello everybody!

I am using XET256 ATD, I had some problems. 

In MC9S12XEP100 Reference Manual,It said the ADC module includes four external trigger inputs ETRIG0, ETRIG1, ETRIG2, and ETRIG3.Refer to device specification for availability and connection of these inputs! I can't find device specification,and I don't know which pin can be use as ADC trigger input?I want a detailed document about ATD trigger.

I don't understand about left justified and right justified .reffer to the  attachment picture1, DJM seems affect the ATD conversion result register in  Figure 13-14 and Figure 13-14,but in table 13-22,12-bit data always store in ATDRRn bit11:bit0, please tell me which table is correct?

sorry about my poor english.