Can't install drivers for osbdm in CW10.2 (Win7 64bit) and M52259DEMO KIT

Discussion created by Maciek on May 12, 2012
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we have a few M52259DEMO Kits (from earlier evaluation, back in the mid 2009). We want to check the newest (Eclipse) version of CW. I've installed CW (10.2 Eclipse), the available patches/updates (at least what I can find) and updated drivers from the support page of PEMicro. But after attaching the USB to the Debug port of the Kit - the drivers are looked for (for some time) and eventually the message "could not find/install drivers" is displayed.


In device manager I have 'Jungo' field with 'WinDriver' listed (without exclamation or other special markings) - it seems to be installed ok. And nothing more under 'Jungo' field. Now when I connect M52259DEMO KIT - I'm getting new field 'other devices' and the icon with yellow exclamation mark and bunch of 'chinese' characters as the name. I've done manual installation of all drivers found in 'Freescale_path'\CW_MCU_v10.2\Drivers\P&E\Drivers\osbdm - it doesn't change anything (I didn't install/reinstall manually windriver because it is listed ok.). I'm the administrator and CodeWarrior is installed under 'C:\Freescale'.


What else can/should be done to run the M52259DEMO KIT under CW10.2 in Win7 64bit ?