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Flashing MC9S08QG4 over BKGD

Discussion created by Andrew Carnley on May 11, 2012
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I've been looking pretty hard for a solution to this and I might be missing something so I just decided to ask. Here's the deal:


I've written code for a MC9S08QG4 and have it compiled and ready to load onto the MCU. The file needs to be loaded into the FLASH through the BKGD pin from a DaVinci SoC. Basically, I have no idea how to push the file from the DaVinci to the MCU. As far as I know, there is a routine to do this already and I just need to modify it for my application but I haven't been able to find it. I have the MCU's datasheet and know that data is sent over BKGD MSB at 16 BDC clock cycles per bit. What I need help figuring out is how to access, erase, and program FLASH through the BKGD pin. Any help or referral to help would be appreciated. Thanks.