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CodeWarrior 10.2 Performance

Discussion created by Matt Osborne on May 10, 2012
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Hi all,


I work for an organization that has been using CodeWarrior for quite some time.  Some of our projects still use 7.1 and 7.2, but we are slowly conveting our 'classic' projects to new Eclipse projects. 


Some developers are just now moving from 7.x to 10.2, and they are providing feedback that 10.2 is much slower for them than 7.x.


My experience with CodeWarrior 7.x was in the context of a 32-bit Windows XP VMWare image on my 64-bit Windows 7 PC, and I also notice that building the 'new' Eclipse projects does take a little longer than it did for the 'classic' projects.


Despite the fact that all of the PCs meet the system requirements for 10.2, the developers with 32-bit XP machines are reporting build times 2-3x what I see on my 64-bit Windows 7 PC.


The biggest question that is being raised is what version of Java (32 vs 64 bit, most of use have version 1.6.0_30-32) should be used with 10.2, and what does Eclipse want to run on - a 32 or 64 bit machine?


Any help or tips to improve performance would be great!