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MPC5674; moving variables from different source files to one section

Question asked by sumanth thallam on May 9, 2012
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i am trying to move the variables declared in different source files to one section.


x1.c contains static UINT8 y;

x2.c contains static UINT8 u;


i want to move the variables y,u to a new section without modifying the x1.c and x2.c .


can any one suggest on how to achieve it.


i have created a section tryme and trying to use __declspec as follows.



line 1: #pragma section data_type ".tryme" ".tryme"
line 2: __declspec(section ".tryme") extern UINT8 y;

line 3: __declspec(section ".tryme") extern UINT8 u;


i am getting compiler error as "parse error  near '".tryme"'v " at the lines 2,3


can any onse suggest the approach is correct.


thanks in advance.


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