Stephen Scutt

Newbie using DEMOJM board requests help with 16x2 LCD...

Discussion created by Stephen Scutt on May 8, 2012
Latest reply on May 21, 2012 by bigmac

Hi. My name is Steve and I am a newcomer to HCS/Coldfire microcontrollers. I have some experience with AVR but would like to extend my programming skills and use a DEMOJM board I recently got hold of.


Please could anyone help me with connecting a 16x2 LCD display to the DEMOJM board using the JM60 daughter card??

I mean the pinouts and if there is any code available to help get me started.


Also if you know of any good examples I could successfully use with the DEMOJM and the jm60/ mcf128 cards demonstrating basic digital inputs and outputs/ connecting the pots and using the accelerometer etc  ( not including the PEMIcro examples) I would be very very grateful. I also have a Freescale M68EVB912C32 Dev board coming my way so this will be interesting to look at as well. Eventually I would like to use this platform for university projects. ( I am studying Audio Systems at London Metropolitan Uni.) 

Any help much appreciated.  :smileyhappy: