Jari Vanhakylä

How to reconnect wifi after router reboot or other network issue?

Discussion created by Jari Vanhakylä on May 7, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2012 by Tarun Chaplot

I'm using mqx3.7 and redpine rs2101 wifi module. I can connect to wifi network without any problems and the connection works like it should. When I power off my router, wifi driver correctly sees the loss of connectivity


****** JOIN FAIL *****
RS2101 wireless link is down

But it never tries to reconnect. If I try to manually call iwcfg_set_scan again, it founds the network and says NETWORK JOIN DONE but then it stucks.


I wish there would be a way to start initializing the network connection from the beginning but I haven't found a way. Any advice on that? Or other ways to reconnect wifi without rebooting the whole system?