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ASCII lib to big size for QG application

Question asked by Ronald Kiewiet on Feb 26, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2006 by Erich Styger
Hello Community,
I am currently working on a project with a MC13192 2.4GHz transceiver in combination with the new MC9S08QG8 in QFN package. I am using the new
SMAC4.1.a from the website and Codewarrior 3.1 with the latest patches installed.
Using the examples in this SMAC4.1.a download gives a good example how to use this tool, but the use for the smaller MCU's there is a problem. In my case I used the lighting demo, as this is about the application I am building right now.
Within this project CW is using a very big ascii library, which is about 12K in size.
With only 8K available, I might have a problem here. Investigation to this problem didn't solve my problem. I am wondering if some one can help me with this.
When building a project with CW 3.1 the environment automatically inserts a very big ascii lib in the project of about 12K of size. Just removing this from the project will not help, as then the linker will generate errors. The only way not to add 12K of code, is to create an empty project, which I do not like at all.
Does any one know how I can remove the ascii lib from the project savely, without the linker to coplain about missing parts ?
Thanks in advance,