Sandor Nyerges

MC13193 clock out setup

Discussion created by Sandor Nyerges on Feb 26, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2006 by Wilson Woon
Hey all,
does anyone know where I could obtain a register map for the MC13193 and an explanation thereof?

I want to set it up to give me a different clock out signal then the default value in the Figure8 Stack.

I can use something like:
"phy_write_spi(ABEL_regA, SOME_HEX_NUMBER);//xx kHz radio clock out".
But what other values are possible? And while we are at it, what other options do we have with this radio? The data sheet does NOT give me any such details!! It just mentions that the default is such and such, and that's it. Whoever wrote the header file AbelReg.h must have had a source for all this information.

Where is a good AppNote on this?