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IEEE 1588 evaluation on MPC8313E

Question asked by Giulio Mazzoleni on May 4, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2013 by zheng bi

Dear freescale users,

glad to meet you. This is the first time I write here since I was using different silicon vendors untill now.

I started evaluating the MPC8313E board to test its PTP capablities (thanks to Alan Bartky for the great job he has done with the PTP stack and the freescale ethernet driver).

I am having toubles enabling the IEEE 1588 test pins (PPS, clock, ...).


I am using LTIB ltib-mpc8313erdb-20070824 (kernel 2.6.20). I have also
tried to use the latest LTIB, but had problems compiling the kernel
module bundled with the ptpdv2 since there have been a few changes in
the network api in the kernel 2.6.23. Anyway this is not a big problem.

From the documents it seems that the IEEE 1588 testpoints are shared
with the eTSEC1, so I am trying to change the mux settings to select the
test points via SICRL and SICRH registers.

Unfortunately when changing their value at run-time I get a system hang
(even the serial console is not responding anymore). I am not using
eTSEC1 (connected to the Vitesse switch) but just the eTSEC2 (connected
to the Marvell phy). I have also disabled eth0 with ifconfig eth0 down.

/home/marcoge # ./ptpv2d
/dev/mem opened.
Memory 0xe0000000 (size 0x00100000) mapped at address 0x30029000
IMMR   = e0000000
SPRIDR = 80b00010
SICRL  = 00000800
SICRH  = 00000003

-> Here I change the value of SICRL and SICRH as follows:

// enable IEEE 1588 pins (disabling eTSEC1 phy)
*(IMMR + 0x114) = (*(IMMR + 0x114) & 0xCFFFFFFF) | 0x10000000;
*(IMMR + 0x118) = (*(IMMR + 0x114) & 0xF9FFFFFF) | 0x02000000;


and the system hangs.


I would also like to know how to interpret the 0bNN notation for pin n
and n+1.
Supposing I read that pin 28-29 are to be placed in configuration 0b01
which is the pin that goes to 1? 28 or 29?

I tried with both configurations to no avail.
I may be missing something.

Can you give me some suggestions on how to use these test pins?


I'll post here my discovering along the way.


Many thanks and best regards.
Giulio Mazzoleni