Error while loading diagnostics problem

Discussion created by chop on May 4, 2012
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I have a small project using the QD4  I used DIP ( CPC)  packages while prototyping with no problems , the next step of transferring to SMD has given problems , the SOIC (CSC) packages don't want to progam , either giving intermittent "no connection"  problems or, when they do connect, they programming fails with the message " Error while programming diagnostic s algorithms to target system , chip may be secured or derivative selected may be wrong" ,


I have tried a selection of half a dozen new CSC chips both on the insitu PCB and in an soic programming jig with the same results , I though it might be a problem with the programmer (Witztronics) or the fact I am powering from a single Li ion cell , but swapping  back to the DIP version clears the problem  and returns normal operation  .


The Codewarrior I'm using shows as v 5.9.0.


Any suggestions apart frpm redesigning the board for through hole ??