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USB CDC Virtual Com Example Not Working on TWR-K60N512

Question asked by Vincent Wong on May 2, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2012 by David E Seymour

I am trying to use the CDC Virtual Com Example on TWR-K60N512 and  TWR-SER, with CW10.2 and MQX 3.8.

This is the cdc_vcom_twrk60n512 example project in the MQX 3.8 folder.

I can build and run in debug mode. But when I plug in a USB cable between the USB on TWR-SER board and the PC

USB, the PC does not see the USB device. Further debug it looks like the USB init task did not get executed by the RTOS and the RTOS is running in an idle loop task.

Is my problem the RTOS task structure no set up correctly?