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Launching LC for simple Flash (Error message)

Question asked by Cab Jones on Apr 29, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2012 by Erich Styger

CW10.2 for HCS08, Win7x64USB BDM Multilink12E.

All of a sudden and now forever, whenever I execute Run->Debug I get an error message

  • Launching LC for simple Flash [...]
    An application file was not specified in the launch configuration.

Along with some mechanism for sending the details to P&E--but no way for them to contact me even if they wanted to.  This is kind of a show-stopper because I was trying to troubleshoot programming of flash.  Otherwise I am rudderless.


I re-installed CW, which should re-install and re-initialize all the PE stuff.  I rebooted, I powered everything down. Still it remembers the problem.  Does this mean that the Multilink is corrupted?  I am stumped.  I wish it had some information about which "application file" was not specified or where the "launch configuration" was located.


If anyone has a clue to help me correct the problem, I would appreciate it.  I understand this is not the P&E board, but you guys are pretty responsive when someone has the answer.