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ldhx @address allowed in 6.3 but not 10.2

Question asked by Cab Jones on Apr 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2012 by Cab Jones

I am porting code from HC908 (CW 6.3) to HC9S08 (CW 10.2).  The original author uses statements like

  • ldhx @location

within embedded asm, with no problems.  But 10.2 flags the @'s with a simple ? (Bad character) at the edge of the line, but generates no other complaint--for example, the Problem window remains blank--"0 items."


It appears that the document HC(S)08/RS08 Assembler Manual for Microcontrollers

should cover both controllers, but there is no mention of this @ notation.  Which is not to say that CW 6.3 had to follow it--however, I cannot find the @ used this way in any Freescale documentation.


The two problems I have are: 1) it doesn't generate a real error and 2) what does it mean?

1) I'll take the first problem to another post because it appears that all 10.2 asm errors are treated the same way.

2) I expect it indicates Direct Page Addressing and the @ should be replaced by a $, but I do not have hardware yet so I cannot verify.  Is it that simple to fix?