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CW V10.1/DEMOJM on Windows 7.0

Question asked by Ken Armitage on Apr 26, 2012
Latest reply on May 1, 2012 by Ken Armitage

I'm trying to run through the Lab exercises which I received as part of the DEMOJM development kit I have just purchased.


I already had CodeWarrior V10.1 installed on my laptop which is running WIndows 7 and is a 64 bit machine.


The Lab 1 and Lab 2 exercises went OK - they use programmes already on the MCU - but Lab3 has been a real head ache.,


I made it through to importing the CDC class project in the code warrior environment, and it even complied loaded and seemed to run ok - but you are instructed to load the device driver (HC9S08.JMxx.inf) but my laptop refuses to see it ...!


Could it be this driver is only good for 32-bit machines..?


Is there a 64 bit version available and are there going to be more gotchas down-stream...?