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Using TWR-MEM MRAM with TWR-K53N512

Question asked by Jonathan Hunter on Apr 25, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2012 by Jonathan Hunter

I am new to using the freescale architecture.


The setup I am working off is TWR-K53N512, TWR-MEM, TWR-SER, TWR-LCD.  All modules have default jumper settings except J16 on TWR-K53N512 to enable power via battery to memory.  I am working off of CodeWarrior 10.2 and got the projects from the


I want to run the flexbus example to provide an example of how to interface with the MRAM.  As I understand it, the default jumper settings for both modules should allow for this project to be compiled and debugged via USB OSJTAG.


I have gotten the project to build. When I try to run debug,  I use the following settings:

Project - k53-flexbus

Application - MK53N512CMD100_INTERNAL_RAM/k53-flexbus.afx

Build Configuration: MK53N512CMD100_INTERNAL_RAM

Use workspace settings (selected)

Connection - k53-hello-world_MK53N512CMD100_INTERNAL_RAM_PnE OSJTAG


Once I hit Debug, the error I get is:

Failed to resume target process., There was an error parsing the memory configuration file: Can't open "MK53N512CMD100.mem" file  ("MK53N512CMD100.mem":20)


I am not sure if there is a problem with building it using the MK53N512CMD100_INTERNAL_RAM  realize that there probably should be a setting for MRAM, but the only options I see currently are either INTERNAL_RAM or INTERNAL_FLASH.  I am fairly certain that I am just missing something small here.


Summary questions:

What am I doing incorrectly in getting this project to run on the platform?

Where can I find the drivers for the MRAM (if they are available)?

Is there any way to measure the power used by the MRAM on the TWR-MEM via software only?




I had not received a reply yet and I was not sure which forum was correct for this question so it is posted both in the Kinetis forum and here...