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MQX WebServer Speed - HttpSrv Demo on MCF52235

Question asked by lupogrigio on Apr 25, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2012 by Andrej Butok

Hi All,


I'm developing an application that, among other features, give the user the possibility to set some work parameters on remote by mean of a websever. Furthermore the application need to manage some communication streams by means of socket connections with other entities.


I have some experience with the Coldfire TCP/IP Lite Stack, a subset of the Interniche Stack, with which I have developed a system with similar features, with success (on a MCF52235 ColdFire V2 uC).


Now I want to replicate the system using the RTCS of MQX instead of Interniche, but at a first glance, simply evaluating the httpsrv demo (/MQX 3.8/RTCS/Examples/) on MCF52235 I noticed that the speed the pages are uploaded towards the browser is very slow. Also the response of the button form on the page that let the user the possibility to toggle the led of the evalboard is very slow.


My question is:

  1. Some of you have experience with MQX RTCS and MCF52235 or other ColdFire V2 uC?

  2. Is there a way to speed up the webserver?

  3.  would the server perform better using a member of Kinetics uC Family instead of coldfire?


Thank you in advance for your reply!


Lupo Grigio