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Implementing USB using the SPI on 9S08AW60

Discussion created by Ken Armitage on Apr 24, 2012
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Hi All


I'm a relatively new user to these products, but have successfully managed to get the DEMO board I purchased to talk to an LCD display. I'd now like to add a USB interface to the design and assumed it would be relatively straight forward.


I chose a MAX3420E USB interface chip and making the physical connections between the DEMO board that part comes with and the appropriate port E pins of the MCU to link up the SPI interface was easy.


But I'm struggling with the place to start for the coding.


Both Freescale and MAXIM literature implies the whole process is "simple" - but it seems to be anything but.


Can anyone please point me in the right direction with this...?


I've looked at the MQX software from Freescale (and installed it on my machine) it seems incredibly complicated - but is this where I need to be...?


Any assistance would be appreciated.