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CodeWarrior Development for Power Architecture v10.1.1 tools..

Question asked by rajanikanth kanth on Apr 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2013 by Marius Grigoras



I have downloaded CodeWarrior Development for Power Architecture v10.1.1(Windows hosted) tools .


Will these tools provide simulation environment for multi-core processors?


Will it possible to debug/run a test multi-core program on these tools?


I am trying to create a sample project to run on QorIQ_P4 (P4080) as follows.


Create a Power Architecture Project --> Bareboard application--> selected QorIQ_P4 (P4080)--> build settings C language, Build tools arch: 32 bit and Floating point: None--> Debugging connection type as Simulator and core index for this project as Core 0 -->Simulators : checked the options: New system and Simics--> Finish.


The project was able to build without any errors.


But getting errors while Debugging due to lack of Simic settings (Debug as-->Debug configurations-->Codewarrier download-->Edit remote system connection--> Connection-->Simic settings). Getting errors: Simic settings undefined.


How can I get Simic settings for my project? 


Thanks in advance.