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CW 10.2 MQX3.8 and TWRK60N512 demo

Question asked by James Corliss on Apr 20, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2012 by James Corliss

Can this combination of modules be made to compile, program and run the demo (sensor, LED's Touch, Shell etc..) that comes on the tower system using the P&E multilink universal debugger? I was able to do "Hello world" in CW and the LED flash in IAR. Both running from ram. The full tower demo is a bit more elusive with many compile errors.


I have a CW license and the IAR demo and would like to use both for this evaluation. My goal is to look at debug cycle time (edit, compile, program, run to edit time) for a full working application with the two tools and see if the MK60 and tools make sense for us for a new design.


Specific directions for this combination would be most apreciated.