Alexander Ribero

MC9S08GT60 RTI not working with Internal Oscillator

Discussion created by Alexander Ribero on Feb 22, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2006 by Serkan Turan

I'm using the MC9S08GT60 RTI with CW 3.1 and Processor Expert Beans, and an External Crystal of 16MHz.

When I select the RTI to work from the External Clock Oscillator, it works fine (I got the periodic interrupts). However, when I select to use the Internal Oscillator, I never get the interrutps. The PE Bean is writing the correct value into the SRTISC registert (0x17) for the internal oscillator selection, but no interrupts. The code is there to process the interrupt (write the ack), but it never seems to go to the ISR for the RTI.

Is there something that I'm missing (initialize other register/etc) so that the RTI can work from the Internal Oscillator?