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K70 LCD hangs - HELP!!

Question asked by David Lynch on Apr 19, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2013 by hl

I am trying to get a minimal LCD implimentation up in our bootloader code - whihc is derived from a freescale bootloader 


I have tried the kinetis_sc example and after spending a day getting ti to build in CW`10.2 it fails in exactly the same way as my own attempt. 


We already have the LCD working fine - inside and MQX application. 


But when the same code is moved into a standalone application it hangs when it writes to the LCDC_LGWCR or LCDC_LDCR registers. 


I am assuming that this means something associated with DMA fromt he LCDC to the panel is fubar. 

Any clue what I need to look for ?


I have been scouring the MQX BSP and truing on every vaguely LCD or DMA related clock I can find - no joy.