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Help for Simple program code

Question asked by Mitja Kastelic on Apr 19, 2012
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I'm new here, so please be patient witm me! :smileyhappy:


I need to write a simple code and the question is:


I need to tipe a program which runs on HCS12 microcontroler.

I must write a program that will run on HCS12, which adds up two 24-bits values, that are written down on locations $3000 to $3002 and the lowest nubmer is on location $3000 -lowest byte. and other 24-bit number is on location $3003 to $3005 and again the lower value in on location $3003.
result must be writen down as 24-bit number, that occupies location from $3006-$3008.

Shortly describe a concept of suming the numbers which are longer from 8-bits on
such microcontroler.


Thanks for any help given!