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float point type cast. JSR   _PACK_K_to_k_Unary; hangs

Question asked by Vlad Patoka on Apr 18, 2012
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I am using CW 10.2 to program JM60. In my project I need operations with float points.

For some uncertain reason, the type cast operation with float point types hangs within _FSFLOAT subrotine. Its works smooth till it reach JSR   _PACK_K_to_k_Unary; instruction. As far as I understood its exit from that subrotine.


Here is part of my code (functional):


double si_c11x1;

signed int TempCntdec, PressCntdec;


main ()


// This type cast works perfectly fine

PressCntdec = (signed int) (out[0] <<8 | out[1]);

TempCntdec = (signed int) (out[2] <<8 | out[3]);


// This type cast hangs

si_c11x1 = ((double) PressCntdec);




s1_c11x1 and PressCntdec declared as external variables with type "double". I even put them to MY_ZEROPAGE segment using #pragma.

But still no luck with this. Same behaviour if I am try to do any operations like multiplication or division. Example:

s1_c11x1 = PressCntdec/64.0;


Doesn anybody have a clue what is wrong with it ? I am using Small memory model. I tried to play with stack size (no luck). I diid check and ansifs.lib has assigned to the project.