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Jlink: Can not connect to J-Link via USB.GDI: => DI_ERR_NONFATAL

Question asked by Isidre Sole Ramon on Apr 17, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2012 by xavi vilajosana

Hi all.


Hope that somebody could help me. I have a problem with CW 10.2 running on a Debian and with the access to the onboard build JLink debugger in the kwikstik board.


I installed the drivers of the JLink on the debian and on a terminal I access to the board with no problems with the JLinkExe aplication provided by Segger.


But when I try to program or debug my CW 10.2 application over the board I receive allways the following output:


=== CodeWarrior GDI protocol log ===
GDI DLL: /opt/Freescale/CodeWarrior_MCU_10.2/MCU/CodeWarrior/CodeWarrior_Plugins/Debugger/Protocols/../../Support/ARM/gdi/
CPU: K40DX256Z

GDI: DiGdiOpen()
GDI: DiGdiGetFeatures()
GDI: Identification: ARM Cortex M4 J-Link emulator, Version: 1.0.0, MeeAvailable: false, NrCpusAvailable: 1
GDI: DiGdiAddCallBack(cb_type = 0x4000)
GDI: DiGdiInitIO()
Jlink: DLL version V4.41g
GDI: Mtwks Callback(MTWKS_CB_PROJECTACCESS, Section : , Entry : USB device, Value : 0, R) => DI_OK
Jlink: Can not connect to J-Link via USB.GDI: => DI_ERR_NONFATAL
GDI: The Debugger can not connect to the J-Link device
GDI: DiGdiClose()


It's clear that I have a mistake on the configuration of the CW 10.2 that no knows how access to the JLink.


Somebody have experienced something like that? How can I fix it?


Thanks in advance.