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CW v10.2 Win7 64-bit Compilation Bug

Question asked by Carlos Cuevas on Apr 17, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2012 by Carlos Cuevas

Hello, I'm having a rather weird problem. Im orking on a project in a QB8 and when I add any extra line of code in a specific function the compiles generates bad code for another function that has nothing to do with the first one.


If I leave the first function ( void main_task(void) ) whithout any extra code, the right code for the affected one is:

Correct ASM


But if I add the line "battState = CHARGE_ERROR" to " void main_task(void)" the compiler now generates code that makes the CPU fly into another reality:


If instead I add the line "msecTimerExample = 1;" now I got:


I dont know whats happening, the copiler is messing things up. this is a very weird bug.


Any advice?