Salvatore Cosentino

ASM SCI interrupt driven routines on HC08

Discussion created by Salvatore Cosentino on Feb 22, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2006 by Richard Serge
I would like to find some fully working examples of interrupt driven SCI routines for HC08 with SCI or ESCI module, in assembler format.
Freescale provides something like that on AN991, which is well documented, perfectly functional but not interrupt driven. I wonder that with over 3000+ AN it does not cover such an issue, considering that a well functioning error-proof SCI routine is not a trivial task. The recent AN3035, other than written in C, is nearly useless, at least fo me...
I'd tried some interrupt variant of AN991 and they had some partial success, but some unkown bug impedites to be perfectly functional.
Some lines from an experienced programmer, with initial declarations would be very helpful to me. Best of all some sort of example like the "Ping-pong" program in AN991.
My application is transmission of some bynary data to a master CPU from one or more slaves, in reaction of a decoded received command.
Could somebody help me with some code, at least for the SCI routines or addressing me to some specifical article or Application Note?