Jim Willette

an2295 bootloader erasing flash at $FFB0 when attempting to erase $EE00 on QT4demo board.

Discussion created by Jim Willette on Feb 21, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2006 by Alban Rampon
I tought the mask rom was 3L89J but reading it again it could be 3L69L as in
I can reproduce this everytime.
1. Flash the bootloader from AN2295 on the QT4DEMO board using a MON08 type programmer. Verify S19 record. Verify $F4 in flash protect. Disconnect MON08.
2. Start bootloader master on PC. Power up Demo Board. All looks good and select continue.
3. The PC master reports programming $EE00 and hangs.
4. Look at the memory using the MON08 and find $FFB0 - $FFBF contains $FF.
The errata says. Do not write any other Flash address while page erase is in progress. The bootloader uses on chip flash routines and I don't think it returns until the operation is complete. (?)
The errata also says disable the COP, which the bootloader does, MOV #%10000001,CONFIG1. ( but why set short timeout?).
The SCI Read routine does touch the COP but should not have an effect on this and commenting out the STA COPCTL  still produces the same error.
I can't see what code is writing to FLASH while an erase is in progress.
Any one know how  I can get around this? I rather not wait to get another QT4 to test.