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SW vector mode vs. HW vector mode for MPC56xx

Question asked by socea emanuel on Apr 12, 2012
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I am studying the MPC56xx architecture and now I am at the INTC. The INTC has 2 operation modes: SW vector mode and HW vector mode. The HW vector mode is the same like the ISRs handling is realized on almost all MCUs. But what about SW vector mode? What I'd understand is that in SW vector mode there is one interrupt handler (IVOR4) that must identify the interrupt vector by reading the INTC_IACKR register and further jump to the address provided by this register (where the ISR handling routine is placed). This all work will increase the interrupt latency, thing that can have a very important place in real-time systems. So I ask you, where is the benefit by using SW vector mode?


Thank you.