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QorIQ P1021/12 and Freescales reference board - P1021RDB-PC

Question asked by rick101 on Apr 12, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2013 by irfan zul


As I understand, (from a distrubuter in the uk ) the P1021MDS development board is / becoming obsolete....and is being replaced with the P1021RDB-PC reference board (which seems to have been out some time)....


If this is so, freescales web site is very you can not find a page dedicated to P1021RDB-PC reference board, or any downloads, linux ports, tools etc for this board are no-ware to be found.


This should also be on the wiki, as the old obsolete board is 


I'm looking to develop a new system using the QorIQ P1021/12 processor on the P1021RDB-PC reference design, but I can not find hardly any information, this does not give me a lot of confidence.... Any Ideas....


Regards R


P.S (1) I do not want use the old P1021MDS board

       (2) Freescale responce, you can find it if you use the search button... yes you can buy it but thats it... maybe freescale could update there website