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Debug and Mon08_Interface.ini for M68DEMOQTY

Question asked by x2xcx2 weasw on Feb 21, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2006 by Faruk Chaudhry

In Code Warrior V5.7.0
for an assembly project created using M68HC908QT4 chip

When Debug is called, I always have to choose a device.

Is there a way to skip the <Choose Device> window ?

Also, switching from Mon08 Interface to Full Chip Simulation and back to Mon08

Interface always result in loosing connection configuration. So each time I have to

add a connection, change baud rate, change device, exit Debug, reenter Debug, choose device and connect.

Is there a way for Debug to look at the configuration file Mon08_Interface.ini and use the connection configuration and device description ?
What would be the instructions to insert in the configuration file ?