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Dual Targetting HCS12 y HCS12X problem

Question asked by sebasira on Apr 10, 2012
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Hello everybody!


I'm working with CW4.6 and both HCS12 and HCS12X (not simultaneously). Is the same application that can be loaded to any of the 2 MCUs.


I first started the project as if it would only be for HCS12XA. Then I added a new target (for the HCS12) and I choose to compile with libraries for this MCU and not for the HCS12XA. I've made changes in the target settings and I also add some conditiona compilation.


The problem I encountered is that when compiling for HCS12 the __HCS12X__ is still defined and so in some routines as:

void NEAR _lDivMod (void)              /* q = a / b; a = a % b */{   __asm {#ifdef __HCS12X__          CLRW   lDivMod_q3#else          CLRA          CLRB          STD    lDivMod_q3


the interrup for "Unimplemented instruction trap" is launched. Because CRLW does not exists for HCS12


How can I solve that?


COMPILER SETTINGS: -D_HCS12 -D__NO_FLOAT__ -Lasm=%n.lst -Mb -Onf -WmsgSd1825 -WmsgSd3804 -WmsgSd4002 -WmsgSd12002




I also try using another Start12.c from other HCS12 only project