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USB_ADC Data transfer problem

Discussion created by sumit kumar on Apr 10, 2012
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Hi ,

I am using K70 & Mqx3.8.And I am writing an application for transferring data from ADC to USB hard disk.For that 1st I built "Freescale MQX 3.8\usb\host\build\cw10\usb_hdk_twrk70f120m"
then I built "Freescale MQX 3.8\mfs\examples\mfs_usb\cw10\mfs_usb_twrk70f120m" and modified in this example.

And for my application ,it should be transferred @512kbytes/sec but
it is being transferred @

            10 seconds when buffer size = 50kb

            14 seconds when buffer size = 100k b

            41 seconds when buffer size = 510k

            78 seconds when buffer size = 1024k

            135 seconds when buffer size = 2048k
            33 minutes when buffer size = (1024*8)k

And one more thing is that when I transferred the data of 455 Mb from my system to that Usb hard disk then it took only 75 seconds(6.06 Mb/sec).

So ,Please Can any one tell me that what is the Issue ?And where I should I modified ? Please Reply ASAP.

Thank You