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CodeWarrior Issues

Question asked by MIKE YETSKO on Feb 20, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2006 by Marc Paquette
These are mostly CodeWarrior issues.  While some are mostly just annoying, I'm wondering if others are experiencing the same thing.
I'm using CW 3.1 with the USB BDM pod to develope a product with the 9S12DP256 part.  I originally was using CW 1.0, then 2.0 with the LPT pod on a Windows XP system (but also running on a laptop with Win2K and a home desktop with Win98SE)
Anyway, when I start CW, I will OCCASIONALLY loose my last configuration of the screen.  I've never lost data, but it's a royal PITA to have to go back and redo everything to MIDI Child to get the display back the way I want it.
When I go into debug, I will program just fine, with no errors, but then occasionally get Illegal_BP errors when I go to run.  I know it's not (ok, pretty sure) a programming error because if I just click to reset and restart, the target starts up fine. 
Now, I HAVE had the USB pod to to sleep, and then it can't be found, but I think that's a power management issue with Windows XP.  When that happens, I just quit the debugger, pull the USB cable from the pod and reinsert it.  Windows sees the new USB device and everything runs.
These things happen almost exclusively on the Windows XP machine, but I'm not 100% certain of that.
Ok, when I'm in the debugger, sometimes if I put the cursor on one of my memory windows, I can get an error and the system hangs and I have to reset and restart.  If I 'halt' the target, it doesn't seem to cause the problem.
And finally... (for this post at least) I cannot see the paged flash at 8000h.  If the PPAGE is set, why isn't this visible?  Or does the BDM do something to prevent it?  I can see the flash just fine if I put my memory window up where it sits in flash address space.  And I can even see the code in that space.  (although I have seen  some wierd things happen sometimes if I try to set breakpoints there...)
Oh, a simple question...  When happens if I hit the number of files limit in SE?  I've been very careful to take things out the mcp file when they are 'done', but I'm constantly bumping 30 files and I hope it's benign if I go over the limit!