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Stand-alone Flash Programmer for TWR-K60N512

Question asked by Giuseppe Modugno on Apr 4, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2012 by pgo

Actually I have a tower system based on TWR-K60N512 (Kinetis) processor board. I can program the flash memory of microcontroller through IAR Electronic Workbench, choosing PE Micro/OSJTAG programmer.


I couldn't find a stand-alone software (external from IAR IDE) that can only erase/program/verify the microcontroller flash.


I found and downloaded/installed USBDM 4.9.3, but the ARM Programmer utility can't find a USBDM programmer. Should I upgrade the firmware from OSBDM to USBDM? How to do that?


Another possibility is to use the command line utilities from CodeSourcery Lite, but I don't know if a flash programmer utility is present.