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MC12311 Rapid Packet Blast

Discussion created by Kevin Oehler on Apr 3, 2012
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Hello everyone,


I am working with a MC12311 Sub 1-GHz radio IC mounted on the X-1231X-MRB development board and I am trying to increase the rate at which a single packet is "blasted" over-the-air via the transceiver. My code, for purposes of this forum, creates a packet RadioTxPacket, and then loops around the function as follows:


while(blasting)    //RTC interrupt sets blasting to 0





This sucessfully "blasts" the packet over-the-air, but it takes nearly 4.5ms to transmit each packet. I dug around inside the function and inside the radio driver but could not find any obvious ways to reduce the transmission time.


The attached image is the voltage across a current shunt connected to the V_RF line while "blasting".



1) Is there a way to reduce the amount of time it takes to transmit a single packet?

2) Is there a way to create multiple packets, and then transmit several packets at once?


Thanks in advance,